L-Acoustics K2 Line Array Sound System Brings New Life to Arena Sound

When Adam Sandler began planning his 100% Fresher Tour, he knew exactly who he wanted to run the sound recording  for it. Sandler has worked with Lee Pepper, owner of Las Vegas’ RRS Audio, for the past three years, and it was no contest that he would be booking him again for the massive coast-to-coast tour.

This tour would bring a slight change, however. Instead of using venue-provided sound equipment, RRS Audio brought along their brand-new K2 Line Array Sound Recording System from L-Acoustics to ensure top-quality sound production for the show, and for post-production mixing. 

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Pepper has always appreciated that Sandler takes a keen interest in the sound equipment available to him via RRS Audio. He said to Pepper, “When you do sound, it’s much cleaner and clearer. Is it the way you do EQ?” Pepper responded that he cuts a considerable amount of low-end frequencies, as they’re unnecessary for spoken-word amplification. For some of the first shows, the new system wasn’t in use, and Sandler could tell that something was off. They immediately began implementing their new system to ensure only the highest-quality production for the comedy superstar.

The system includes some truly extraordinary specs:

  • K1 system rescaled into a 12” compact and flexible format
  • V-DOSC SPL and bandwidth, with 10° inter-element flexibility
  • 100% acoustic and rigging compatibility with K1 and K1-SB
  • 70°/100° symmetric and 90° (L/R) asymmetric horizontal directivity
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection
  • Lightest in its class: low-weight for rigging limitations and cost-effective logistics
  • The same powerful, clear sonic signature as the K-1, in a more compact format 
  • Maximized versatility due to 10° inter-element angles

While the system has been a crucial investment for the advancement of Pepper’s business, he was reluctant to purchase it at first. When L-Acoustics initially approached him to sell his company their latest and greatest line array, Pepper didn’t think he could afford it. By working with L-Acoustics on financing he was finally able to acquire the system, a move that has paid off significantly.

In addition to the Sandler tour, RRS Audio was commissioned to manage the sound for the $25 million wedding of Las Vegas casino magnate Frank Fertitta’s daughter Kelley, providing crucial support for artists such as Seal, Bruno Mars and John Mayer. The wedding was a rousing success and a major nod to Pepper’s growth in the industry as a major provider of professional sound laser show with green lasersequipment. The show went over so well at Fertitta’s Red Rocks Resort that the Palms Casino Resort struck up a relationship with Pepper, and RRS Audio is now their exclusive provider.

Pepper’s business has grown in space and scope as well, moving from a 1,300 square-foot building to a 5,800 square-foot one, with sights on developing further. Revenue has jumped from six to seven figures, and Pepper and his crew are constantly busy and booked out well in advance. For the multiple Emmy-nominated audio provider, the system by L-Acoustic has “really been a terrific investment”. L-Acoustics probably doesn’t mind getting the feedback from this exclusive professional audio services company, too.

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