About Us


Lee Pepper – President & CEO

As both a studio audio production engineer and on-stage live professional sound system designer, Pepper draws from a wealth of experience drawn from touring worldwide and a continuing commitment to mastering the latest techniques and equipment. 

RRS Audio has built its reputation on a tradition of technical expertise, creative cooperation and a dedication to the highest level of sound production. We strive, simply, to be the best.

RRS Audio has built it’s reputation on a tradition of technical expertise, creative cooperation and a dedication to the highest level of production.


RRS Pro-Audio Productions Services is a Professional Live Event Production Company based in Las Vegas, providing L’Acoustics State-of-the-Art Touring Sound Systems and Production Equipment, Rentals & Sales, Installations, Multitrack Digital Recording, Live Streaming, Backline, Digital Comm, and Production Staff.

At RRS we employ a team of highly experienced and skilled touring audio visual engineers for all types of event productions, including theaters, conventions, schools, clubs, hotels, houses of worship, arenas and festivals. Our sales approach is respectful and personalized, working to meet any budget. Beyond the sales process, we maintain continuous support to our clients through pre-production, production and post-production logistics.


RRS provides a complete turnkey solution for corporate events, touring, festival, and trade shows. Whether your requirements are exhibition-related, corporate meetings, trade shows, breakout rooms, or even after parties, RRS has the experience and the right tools to cover all of your production requirements. We currently work with many of the leading names in event planning, producers, talent agents, both locally here in beautiful Las Vegas and nationally.

We understand how to surpass the unique expectations of each client and event production experience, and we take pride in doing so. On top of the audio production services, our trained team works with industry-specific design software and, more importantly, we personally discuss specific needs with each one of our clients. We do this to ensure that all aspects of your production, from Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering to LED, Backline, Lighting, Touring Crew and Trucking, integrates properly for each event.

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